Housing Authority

Modoc Housing Authority (MHA) manages the HUD Native American Low Income Housing program (see below Modoc Housing Form for application) for the Modoc Nation of Oklahoma. Modoc Tribal members are given preference on the waiting list and with rent at a reduced rate. MHA manages other Modoc Tribal Rental Properties, offered at local area rates. MHA manages the Modoc Tribal Indian Health Services (I.H.S.-121) Program, which provides water and sewer grants to Modoc Tribal members (see below water/sewer application). Applications for both rental programs and I.H.S.-121 program may be downloaded below, by calling 918-542-8175 or in person at 22 N Eight Tribes Trail, Miami, OK 74354.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Heating services through the winter months, cooling services in summer months, and shut-off (crisis) services available to those that qualify. Funding is limited and provided on a first-come, first-serve basis for those that complete the necessary documentation. Applications will be processed by the date received not the date of application. For more information please see application.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

This purpose of this program is to assist eligible tribal households that are unable to pay rent and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) assists eligible tribal households that are unable to pay rent and utilities (electric, water, gas, propane, sewer, trash removal) due to COVID-19 pandemic. ERAP can assist eligible households with rental arrearages, utility arrearages, current rental payments, and current utility payments. Telecommunication services (telephone, cable, internet) delivered to the rental dwelling are not considered to be utilities. This program is only available to rental households and does not apply to households with a mortgage or who currently own their home. This program is limited to one tribal member per household. Payments will be made directly to the landlord or utility company. Income limitations apply. Please see application for more information.

Window Unit Air Conditioners

Modoc Housing Authority has a limited supply of Frigidaire Window Unit Air Conditioners with
supplemental Heat that is being offered to tribal members. They require a 220 VOLT electrical
outlet and must be picked up at the housing office. If you need assistance with an electrician, MHA will be happy to help coordinate that but will not pay for the service. The windows units are
available to all tribal members with a preference for families especially those in need. If you are
in need, please send a short essay describing such need. If you are interested in a window unit,
please fill out and return the application.

Home Improvement Program through the BIA

Applications can be picked up at the Modoc Housing Authority, the BIA in Miami at 34 A St NE, 

or online by following the link above.


Modoc Housing Authority
416 H Street SE
Miami, OK 74354
Fax 918-542-8191
Email: modochousing@cableone.net