Bill Follis


Jack Shadwick

2nd Chief

Troy LittleAxe, Esq

Asst. Tribal Administrator Tribal Attorney

Becky Pierce

Executive Assistant


Stephanie Anderson

Tribal Accountant

Meekin Houser

Assistant Tribal Accountant

Beth Hudspeth

Accounting Specialist and Ins. Coord

Renee Edwards

Accounting Specialist

Bison Range

Phillip Follis

Bison Manager

Child Care and Development Fund

Regina Shelton

CCDF Director

Linda Nott

Assistant CCDF Director

Education and Enrollment

Annette Clark

Director of Education and Culture/Enrollment

Tribal Ambassador

Jack Shadwick

Ambassador of the Modoc Nation

Environmental & Recycling

Wes Davis

Environmental Director

Taylor Warner

Recycling Manager


Samantha Belt

Executive Director

ICDBG Grant Project

Roberta Haralson

Project Director

Information Technology

David Holden

Network Administrator


Katy Rasor

Maintenance Supervisor

Danny Epperson

Maintenance Supervisor/Construction

Tribal Child Support Services (TCSS)

Kent Walden

Program Director (Seminole)

Carrie Yerby

Assistant Director (Seminole)

Lisa Hulvey

Office Manager (Miami)

Sue Follis

Compliance Officer (Miami)

SueAnn Tidwell

Child Support Specialist (Miami)

Deena Hughey

Receptionist (Miami)

Glenna Gamboa

Case Specialist (Miami)

Jocelyn Metcalf

Case Specialist (Miami)

Shelby Thomas

Child Support Specialist (Seminole)

Sandra Kern

Child Support Specialist (Seminole)

Melissa Lena

Child Support Specialist (Seminole)

Susan Womack

Child Support Specialist (Seminole)

Falisha Deloera

Child Support Specialist (El Reno)