Anyone applying for enrollment in the Modoc Nation must meet the following qualifications:

  • An applicant for membership by enrollment shall furnish the tribal registrar with documented proof of ancestry tracing the individual back to a person listed on the current roll or the 1878 Quapaw Agency Modoc Census of Subsistence and Ration list. Additionally, the applicant must show that their ancestors did not return to Oregon, pursuant to the Act of March 3, 1909. The Act of 1909 applies accordingly to
  • “… those Modoc Indians now enrolled at the Quapaw Agency, in Oklahoma, formerly Indian Territory, together with their descendants living at the date of the passage of this Act, and that upon the removal of any of said Indians to the Klamath Reservation, in Oregon, they shall be allotted as other Indians on said reservation, and that upon the passage of this Act they be accorded all the rights and privileges of other Indians enrolled at the Klamath Agency.”
  • Proof of ancestry shall include tribal enrollment cards, certified birth, death, marriage or baptismal certificates; church records; court records; census records or a roll or historical record of the Modoc Nation.
  • Persons, not already on the Modoc Roll, that are or have been enrolled with another Federal Recognized Tribe shall be ineligible for membership in the Modoc Nation. This Section shall be interpreted to prohibit dual enrollment and membership transfers.
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Constitution of The Modoc Nation

We, the members of the Modoc Nation, formally known as the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma, in order to establish a tribal organization, maintain the traditions of the Modoc Nation, promote the general welfare and exercise the powers or self-government, do hereby ordain and establish this constitution for the Modoc Nation pursuant to the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act of June 26, 1936, (49 Stat. 1967) and Section 2 of the Act of May 25, 1978, (92 Stat. 246).


SECTION I. The membership of the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma shall consist of the following persons, Provided, That they are citizens of the United States:

(a) All persons named on the 1878 Modoc Census of Subsistence and Ration as approved by the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary -Indian Affairs on October 14, 1981. All persons named on that roll are hereby declared to be fullblood members of the tribe for the purpose of computing the degree of blood of their descendants.

(b) All direct lineal descendants of persons named on the 1878 Census designated as the base roll in Section I(a) above who did not return to Klamath, Oregon, pursuant to the Act of March 9, 1909, (35 Stat. 751), and the descendants of such Indians who otherwise meet the requirements adopted by the tribe.

(c) For purposes of identification and association, those individuals listed on the final roll of the members of the Klamath Tribe of Indians as published in the Federal Register of May IJ, 1955 (20 F.R. 3269), pursuant to Section 3 of the Act of August 13, 1954, (68 Stat. 718) shall be deemed members of the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma Provided, That they meet the requirements In Section 1(b).

(d) Upon the approval of this amendment, persons, not already on the Modoc Roll, that arc enrolled with another Federally Recognized Tribe shall be ineligible for membership in the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma . This Section shall be interpreted to prohibit dual tribal enrollment and membership transfers.

SECTION 2. The Modoc Tribal Council shall have the power to prescribe rules and regulations governing future membership, including adoptions, loss of membership and/or relinquishment.

SECTION 3. Any person who has been rejected for membership may file or have filed in his/her behalf an appeal to the Modoc Tribal Council whose decision shall be final.

SECTION 4. The Modoc Elected Council shall serve as the Enrollment Committee.

Act of March 9, 1909

Modoc Nation