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The Modoc Nation is a federally recognized Native American Tribe
under the leadership of Chief Robert Burkybile.

Elected Council Members

Robert Burkybile


Gina McGaughey

Second Chief

Ramona Rosiere


Jessica Mullin

Council Member

Braxton Graham

Council Member

Jack Shadwick

Tribal Judge

Redesigned License Plates

Designed by: Jose Rodriguez de Nueces

There are several plate types for this 2022 series, including the new Mt Shasta graphic, the Bison graphic, the sesquicentennial design (limited edition for 22-’23 only for the Modoc War sesquicentennial), a collectible or front-plate version, as well as a disabled, elder, personalized, commercial, farm, and tribal government version. To see all options, click on the Plate Designs link below.

Plates are available only to Modoc Nation members residing in Oklahoma. They are available at the Miami Nation tag office. For more information, please click the Miami Tag Office link below. Collectible or “front-plate” versions are available for purchase at the Modoc Nation administration office located at 22 N. Eight Tribes Trail in Miami OK.


Look up a gravesite location at the Modoc Cemetery. 

Location software by Cemify.


“Connecting To Our Past and Preparing For Our Future”

Modoc Families, 

Our Summer Youth Camp is going to happen however we are trying a different structure this year to try and keep people healthy and still involve as many kiddos as possible. 

Instead of a week of camp, we will have several different days stretched out through the summer weeks, so kids can sign up based on their interests and availability. We will allow ages 6-13 this year, but there will be days that just focus on the 6-9 or 10-13 age groups to let us provide the appropriate level of attention and support needed for activities to be successful. Our camp day will be split between learning Modoc cultural practices, history and language in the mornings, and then move to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities in the afternoon. 

Please look over the days and activities on the flyer and let us know which ones you want to participate in. 

We are so excited to come together this summer!!!


DATE Activity Ages Sign Up By:
June 10
Field Trip to Native American Museum and Amazeum-Bentonville, AR
June 4
June 22
Create Modoc Family Tree and T-shirt / STEM Water Rockets
June 10
July 7
Make moccasins / STEM in the Gym-Magnetism (limit 10 kids)
June 28
July 9
Make moccasins / STEM in the Gym-Electricity (limit 10 kids)
June 28
July 23
Pre/Post War Modoc life daily life / STEM-Structures
July 12
August 2
Make a hand drum/STEM-Coding/Robots (limit 10 kids)
July 23
August 4
Make a hand drum/STEM-Coding/Robots (limit 10 kids)
July 23



We will hold camp at the MODOC GATHERING PLACE this year from 8:30am-4:00pm. All camp activities will be free and lunches/snacks will be provided. We will need all kids who sign up for June 10 and/or June 22 to have a “Permission to Transport” form completed and on file. Please reach out to us if transportation is an issue—we do not want our youth to miss out if we can find a way to avoid it.


Annette Clark or Alisha Shoemaker at 

918-994-1819 or


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Modoc Nation