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The Modoc Nation is a federally recognized Native American Tribe under the leadership of Chief Bill G. Follis.

Enrollment Committee Meeting

The Enrollment Committee would like to apologize for any confusion surrounding the scheduling of this meeting. As we were testing requirements for setting up the Teams Meeting, a test email was erroneously sent to a large number of you. Once the correct meeting was sent out, we immediately began receiving requests for a call-in number for those individuals that may not have internet access.

The meeting is set for Wednesday (06/08/2022) from 6:00-8:00 CST. Below is the link to join the Teams meeting, as well as a call-in number to listen to the meeting on your phone. There are no registration requirements for the meeting. Click the link below or dial into the conference line number (+pin) and you will be admitted to the meeting.

Please feel free to share the meeting link or call-in info number to those who may not be included here.

A few items to know:

•All Attendees will be muted

• 2nd Chief, Robert Burkybile will preside over the meeting

• Chat has been disabled

Or call in (audio only)

+1 956-413-8056, Phone Conference ID: 122 417 397#

June 22, 2022                

Dear Modoc Nation,

Our annual meeting will be held on August 6, 2022, at 9:00am CST at The Gathering Place.  The Modoc Nation Elected Council has selected Kayla Medlin and Lisa Graham as Election Commissioners and Jack Shadwick to be the Alternate Commissioner, if needed.

The Elected Council Candidate Application and Election Ordinance are attached for any Modoc Nation member wanting to be on the Verified Ballot.  Applications and Background Check Consent Forms must be submitted to or mailed to 22 N. Eight Tribes Trail, Miami, OK 74354, attention: Election Commission.

Applications must be completed and received by July 15, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. 

If you have any questions after reviewing the attachments, please let us know by emailing:

Thank you,

Election Commission

From Your Enrollment Committee

June 17, 2022                

The election is August 6th, 2022. The Tribal Registrar and Staff are working overtime to ensure every enrollment file that can be completed will be completed before this date. We have been working diligently the past several weeks going through each enrollment file. We are ensuring each file has every required document and/or record present and accounted for, pursuant to our enrollment ordinance. We encourage every applicant or Modoc Member to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance in completing your enrollment file. Please email the Tribal Registrar.

As the Tribal Registrar determines files are complete and have established eligibility for enrollment, she will be recommending approval by the Enrollment Committee in a series of upcoming meetings listed below.

Schedule of Upcoming Meetings

July 6th             6:00 pm

July 13th           6:00 pm

July 25th           6:00 pm

Aug 3rd             6:00 pm

*All meetings will be open to public via Teams. A link and call info will be provided.


Chief Bill Follis

2nd Chief Robert Burkybile

Sec Ramona Rosiere

Mona Craven

Tyler Scifers

Memo Archive:

Election Commissioners Announced

June 17, 2022

Notice of Recent Court Filings

From the office of Chief Bill Follis

June 15, 2022

Public Notice Regarding Tribal Enrollments

From the office of Chief Bill Follis

June 8, 2022


Please see Resolution No. 22-20 regarding Civil Trespass on Tribal Property Ordinance

Please see Resolution No. 22-21 regarding Public Demonstration Ordinance

June 3, 2022

The Enrollment Committee is in receipt of the enrollment audit report from the governmental auditing firm, WIPFLI LLP.  As previously announced, the next steps in our enrollment review will be for the Enrollment Committee to consider the findings of the independent audit and verify tribal enrollment.  

The Enrollment Committee will meet on June 8, 2022. This meeting will be streamed online in real time for members and applicant members only.  Login instructions will be emailed to members and applicant members, and will posted on the Nation’s website.  

The Nation has appointed local attorney Alyssa Campbell, Esq. to serve as Tribal Registrar for the presentation of the enrollment records to the Enrollment Committee.



Enrollment Decisions Following the Independent Audit,  and Appeals from Adverse Enrollment Decisions.

May 13, 2022

The Enrollment Committee is issuing this memorandum to all enrolled members and temporarily enrolled members of the Modoc Nation to describe the procedures for the Enrollment Committee and, upon appeal, the Tribal Council to review recommendations for enrollment made by the Tribal Registrar.  The independent auditor Wipfli LLP is auditing the procedures used by the Tribal Registrar to issue temporary enrollment decisions and to make enrollment recommendations to the Enrollment Committee.  Upon release of the independent audit, the Enrollment Committee will consider the Tribal Registrar’s enrollment recommendations.

STEP 1: The independent enrollment audit by Wipfli LLP is underway and will be concluded before the end of May 2022.

STEP 2: The Enrollment Committee members will each receive a copy of the completed independent audit, and each enrollment application that will be reviewed by the Enrollment Committee.

STEP 3: The Chairperson of the Enrollment Committee will schedule a public meeting for the Enrollment Committee members to consider each enrollment application.  Given the large number of enrollment applications, the public meeting may be continued from time to time until the Enrollment Committee has considered each enrollment application.  

Enrolled members and temporary members of the Modoc Nation may attend the public meeting.  The Enrollment Committee will not consider additional information from the enrollment applicant that was not submitted to the Tribal Registrar, so no public testimony will be allowed at the public meeting.  Any member that interrupts or disrupts the public meeting will be removed.

STEP 4: A member of the Enrollment Committee will draft a written decision for each enrollment application.  The written decision may approve the enrollment application, disapprove the enrollment application, or vacate the Tribal Registrar’s recommendation and remand the enrollment application to the Tribal Registrar for further investigation.  The written decision will be circulated to the Enrollment Committee for review and finalization.  Once finalized, the written decision will be delivered to the enrollment applicant.

STEP 5: The Enrollment Committee will inform any applicant whose enrollment application was disapproved by the Enrollment Committee that s/he may appeal the decision of the Enrollment Committee to the Tribal Council.  Procedures for appeals of the Enrollment Committee decision will be established by the Executive Council.


Enrollment Decisions Following the Independent Audit,  and Appeals from Adverse Enrollment Decisions.

May 2022


TO: Modoc Tribal Council

FROM: Modoc Elected Council

DATE: May 7, 2022

RE: Tribal Council Petitions


The Elected Council was informed that some people may have been under the misconception that there was an Annual Meeting for the Tribal Council today.  On April 21, 2022, the Elected Council adopted Resolution 22-16 resolving that the Annual Meeting will be postponed and rescheduled to Saturday, August 6, 2022.  We provided a general notification to all Tribal Council members and temporary members on April 26, 2022.  We apologize if people missed the notification. 

The decision to postpone the Annual Meeting was not made lightly. Your Elected Council representatives need to insure the integrity of our elections by enabling an independent government auditing firm to evaluate the irregular temporary enrollment decisions of the Tribal Registrar.  The enrollment inquiry is a serious matter that requires us to move deliberately and cautiously so that the Nation can have finality on this issue.

There are numerous requirements in the Nation’s Constitution for calling and conducting an election at an Annual Meeting of the Tribal Council. For instance, there must be appropriate notice of time and place of the meeting announced by the Secretary/Treasurer of the Elected Council through certain channels of communication.  The Secretary/Treasurer did not announce an Annual Meeting for today. The gathering today was also not a Special Meeting of the Tribal Council, which may be called at the discretion of the Chief.  Chief Follis did not call a Special Meeting. None of your Elected Council representatives were present at the meeting today because it was not an official meeting of the Modoc Nation government or the Tribal Council of the Modoc Nation.

The Elected Council will ensure that the entire Tribal Council is kept apprised of the enrollment audit, and that the entire Tribal Council will receive notice for the Annual Meeting at which the next Elected Council representatives will be elected by the duly enrolled members of the Modoc Nation.

We look forward to settling the outstanding concerns about enrollment and proceeding quickly, but responsibly, to elections for our representatives on August 6, 2022.  

The Annual Meeting has been postponed and rescheduled to Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 9am. Doors open at 8:15am. 

Please see resolution for full details. 

Tribal Council Petitions

The following petitions have been filed by members. 

Elected Council Response

The following memo is the official response to the above Tribal Council Petitions.


Memo from Chief Bill Follis

Please see the following memo regarding Tribal office buildings.


2022 Candidate Election Guide

Click on the button below to open (and download if desired) the election guide containing candidate and election information. 

Important information about the day:

  • The meeting will be held at the Modoc Nation Gathering Place at 9:00 am. (use Google Maps and search: Modoc Gathering Place)
  • Doors will open at 8:15 am.
  • Members will need to have their tribal enrollment card or another form of picture ID for admittance to the meeting.
  • Only members 18 y/o and older will be admitted to the meeting.
  • At 1 pm we will have a “Farewell to Chief Follis” celebration with the Winner’s Circle restaurant catering lunch. We hope to see all Modoc Nation families there! Please bring a lawn chair.

We will be mailing out a hard copy of this as well.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call:


Office phone:   918-994-1819

Redesigned License Plates

Designed by: Jose Rodriguez de Nueces

There are several plate types for this 2022 series, including the new Mt Shasta graphic, the Bison graphic, the sesquicentennial design (limited edition for 22-’23 only for the Modoc War sesquicentennial), a collectible or front-plate version, as well as a disabled, elder, personalized, commercial, farm, and tribal government version. To see all options, click on the Plate Designs link below.

Plates are available only to Modoc Nation members residing in Oklahoma. They are available at the Miami Nation tag office. For more information, please click the Miami Tag Office link below. Collectible or “front-plate” versions are available for purchase at the Modoc Nation administration office located at 22 N. Eight Tribes Trail in Miami OK.


Look up a gravesite location at the Modoc Cemetery. 

Location software by Cemify.


“Connecting To Our Past and Preparing For Our Future”

Modoc Families, 

Our Summer Youth Camp is going to happen however we are trying a different structure this year to try and keep people healthy and still involve as many kiddos as possible. 

Instead of a week of camp, we will have several different days stretched out through the summer weeks, so kids can sign up based on their interests and availability. We will allow ages 6-13 this year, but there will be days that just focus on the 6-9 or 10-13 age groups to let us provide the appropriate level of attention and support needed for activities to be successful. Our camp day will be split between learning Modoc cultural practices, history and language in the mornings, and then move to STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities in the afternoon. 

Please look over the days and activities on the flyer and let us know which ones you want to participate in. 

We are so excited to come together this summer!!!


DATE Activity Ages Sign Up By:
June 10
Field Trip to Native American Museum and Amazeum-Bentonville, AR
June 4
June 22
Create Modoc Family Tree and T-shirt / STEM Water Rockets
June 10
July 7
Make moccasins / STEM in the Gym-Magnetism (limit 10 kids)
June 28
July 9
Make moccasins / STEM in the Gym-Electricity (limit 10 kids)
June 28
July 23
Pre/Post War Modoc life daily life / STEM-Structures
July 12
August 2
Make a hand drum/STEM-Coding/Robots (limit 10 kids)
July 23
August 4
Make a hand drum/STEM-Coding/Robots (limit 10 kids)
July 23



We will hold camp at the MODOC GATHERING PLACE this year from 8:30am-4:00pm. All camp activities will be free and lunches/snacks will be provided. We will need all kids who sign up for June 10 and/or June 22 to have a “Permission to Transport” form completed and on file. Please reach out to us if transportation is an issue—we do not want our youth to miss out if we can find a way to avoid it.


Annette Clark or Alisha Shoemaker at 

918-994-1819 or

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