Grizzly Bear eats the Sun or the Moon

A Modoc Eclipse Story

It is said that during an eclipse, this is when the Grizzly Bear eats the Sun or Moon.

During an eclipse, this is when the Maklaks gather together to make noise. This was to call Frog, KO’WE to use her powers on the bear and make the eclipse go away, or Grizzly go away.

Why is Frog called? Frog is Moon’s wife. Frog can be seen in the Moon. The Moon and sun are both called sa’bas but are separate entities.

Moon had two sisters. When Frog went to visit, she went into Moon’s house.

Upon Frog’s arrival, Moon told his sisters, “You better let her sleep with you.” They said, “No you had better take her.”

When Frog had heard all this, Frog became very angry. She jumped on Moon and clung fast.

Moon tried to cut Frog loose with a knife, but he could not. So, Frog is stuck fast and she is still a part of Moon today.

Then the Moon said, “Well, I will keep Frog as my wife, so that whenever Bear eats me, Frog can exercise her shamanistic power to drive him away. So, Frog and Moon are living together today.

Everyone say: KO, KO, KO’WE

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Modoc Nation and VGT, an Aristocrat company, are pleased to bring you the 2nd Annual Modoc Nation Golf Scramble. This 18-hole tournament will be held on May 13, 2024, at the majestic Shangri-La Resort and Golf Club in Afton, OK. Registration for teams is open now. Proceeds from this event will go to Modoc Nation Education Services. Over $14,000 in cash prizes will be awarded!

Proceeds go to Modoc Nation Education Services


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2024 Ancesteral Run / Virtual Walk

October 10th - October 12th, 2024

2024 Ancesteral Run / Virtual Walk

October 10th - October 12th, 2024

2024 Ancesteral Run / Virtual Walk

October 10th - October 12th, 2024

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