At Modoc Nation Ranch, our focus lies in the rehabilitation of tribal lands while cultivating a thriving Bison herd into a valuable resource. As we enter the next month, with the onset of caving, we anticipate hosting between 460 to 480 bison on our farm spanning over 1200 acres of range land. This year marks a significant milestone as we ensure waterers and grass are accessible in every pasture, opening up all pastures for use, a goal we’ve been tirelessly working towards. With a team of three nontribal employees, we manage four herds spread across our expansive property situated on Stateline and 689 Road along 10C in Wyandotte. Our current focus is on extending the herd range within the Modoc land, optimizing grazing patterns, and property management. This not only enables us to meet USDA obligations but also positions us as contributors in the local hay market. As we expand our land, opportunities for tours and educational ventures are on the horizon, reflecting our excitement for the future. Additionally, we’re gearing up to produce our hay for both personal use and sale, ensuring our herds thrive with the assistance of Yellowstone bulls to maintain a healthy gene pool. With the growth of our operations, we’re optimistic about curbing weed and thistle issues while simultaneously enhancing the sustainability of our endeavors.

Bison meat is available for sale at the Modoc Market!


Monday- Friday (8:00 am-4:30 pm)

Modoc Nation