Let's Talk Language

Monday, May 8th 5pm–7pm – Modoc Nation Citizen Engagement Meeting

Tuesday, May 9th 5pm–8pm – Let’s Talk Language Open House

Wednesday, May 10th 5pm–8pm – Let’s Talk Language Open House

Thursday, May 11th 10am–4:30pm – Let’s Talk Language Open House


Let’s Talk Language Open Houses are being hosted at the Gathering Place. 

Dr. Joseph Dupris, Klamath Tribal member (Modoc, Klamath, and Big Pine ancestry) will be on hand to guide and discuss linguistics and language.  The goal is meet with Modoc Nation citizens and determine our Language Path. 


Please attend one or all of the dates and times!


If any of the above times do not work with your schedule please contact the Modoc Nation Language Department:  918-994-1819 and we would be happy to set up a time to meet.

Modoc Nation