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Tribal Services

Tribal Enrollment

Anyone applying for enrollment in the Modoc Nation must meet the following qualifications:

Environmental Services

The Modoc Nation is committed to using sound scientific methods and a stewardship based approach to aid policymakers in making informed decisions to effectively use the Nation’s natural resources and protect the health of the Modoc Nation members, both individually and collectively.

Bison Range

The Modoc range is 600 acres located near the Oklahoma-Missouri border in Northeast Oklahoma. The range is part of the original Modoc allotment land. The range hosts about 200 bison.

Modoc Business Office

The Modoc Nation offers your business options; and does so under an amenable regulatory environment within it’s sovereign jurisdiction.

Modoc Domicile

Modoc Domicile provides a legal, domestic, and economically affordable option to assist you with your business operations with the sovereign jurisdiction of the Modoc Nation(25 U.S.C. §861a).  Modoc Domicile is a responsible service provider that can assist you in establishing and growing your business in a secure legal forum.

Modoc Tribe Financial Services Authority

Modoc Tribe Financial Services Authority

515 G Street SE

Miami, OK 74354

Phone: 866-225-8210

Modoc Nation