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Modoc Nation is utilizing a hydroponics system for farming on two parcels of tribal land, Maklaks farm and Hoop House, in rural Wyandotte, Oklahoma. Hydroponics is an innovative and efficient method of cultivating plants without soil and with minimal use of water. The technique involves cultivating plants in a solution rich in nutrients (provided by Koi fish) that meet all the necessary conditions needed for their growth.

Hydroponic farming enables enhanced regulation of the plants' habitat, minimizing issues that commonly arise in traditional soil-based farming such as pests, diseases, and soil depletion. This cultivation method is also versatile, and we can grow a variety of different plant types ranging from fruits, vegetables, flowers, to herbs.

Through trial and error the farm's staff have been able to produce relatively successful crops! Stop by the Modoc Market or the Administration building in the springtime to enjoy some of the fruits of their labor. Peppers, tomatoes, basil, okra, and lettuce are some of what you might find.

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Modoc Farms Manager

Modoc Nation