Cultural Club

We meet the first Thursday of each month at 6pm at the Modoc Gathering Place.

Cultural Club

The Modoc Nation Cultural Club focuses on learning about the history of the tribe, recovering/developing ceremonies and the daily practices of the Modoc people past and present. The group also serves as a sounding board on cultural topics needing member input and assists with planning for cultural activities. 



Native Healing Methods

Healing with Heat within Sweat Lodges

The Pipe Ceremony

The Medicine Wheel

The theory and practice of using herbal remedies.

Learn to identify and gather specific plants needed for healing purposes

Grow and harvest these plants in our tribal hoop house for personal and ceremonial use.

Please join us to have a voice in your tribal functions and to join our journey of learning cultural practices and Modoc history.

All are welcome, and you do not need to commit to every month, just come when you are available!


Annette Clark, Modoc Nation
Director of Education and Culture
Tribal Registrar and Librarian
Office: 918-994-1819
Cell: 918-325-3110